Personality Crisis

Pride is the Heartbreaker 48x36 oil sold

Blue Girl and 3 Stooges 9x12 oil sold

sketch for "Pride..." 16x20 oil on board sold

Still the Champ 20x24 oil sold

Surrender! 8x10 oil sold
Trash Zombies 22x28 oil

RC Girls 24x12 oil

Who Buys A Pink Couch? 22x28 oil

7:00 am 9x12 oil sold

Party Time 8x10 oil

Parade 9x12 oil sold

Mr. Ball's House Fire 9x12 oil

Missing 8x10 oil sold

Goth Falling ( w/ Two Big Gulps) 24x20 oil sold

Farmer's Tan 24x30 oil sold

Driving Fish 8x10 oil sold

Copper Job Anxiety 22x28 oil

Betty Shirt 8x10 oil sold