W1     12" x 24" oil

 W2       22"x 28" oil

 W3   16"x 20"  oil

 W4     20" x 24"

 W5    20" x 24"

W6   28" x 20"

More Spare Paint

Podcast Graphic

Inspired by excellent music podcast Near Perfect Pitch.

Radio Show Graphic

For a great CKCU 93.1 radio show, Saturdays 6-8pm

Still Life 1, 2, 3

                                                   oil on wood  14 x 14                      

                                   oil on wood 16 x 16

                                  oil on canvas   12 x 12

Leftover Paint

I was throwing out a lot of oil paint at the end of the day, so I started to do "fast" paintings on cardboard to use up the leftover paint. These are really fun to do!

Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces

Oil  27 X 19

Two New Still-lifes

Oil on board.


40" X 30" oil

The Nobodies

Photoshop. Illustration for massive Youtube stars and podcasters.

Roots & Rhythms

Photoshop.  Illustration for weekly radio show hosted by Renny Godier. CKCU 93.1


14 X 30 oil

2 Mollys

Two Molly paintings for 80's themed show.     12" X 24"  oil

Birdman Sound poster

Poster I designed for legendary local record store. 25 years strong!

New Painting Show!

BFF's  12 X 12 oil

Jam Session 12 X 12  oil

Spratt  12 X 9  oil

Yellow Card  16 X 12   oil

Careful by Public Animal from Ian Jeans on Vimeo.
Click on the Vimeo link to see it in the proper ratio. It's cut off here, and I can't figure out how to fix it.

Careful colour shots

Careful sketches

pre-production for "Careful" music video by Public Animal

Harbour Bird

Oil, 12 X 10


22 X 28  oil

The Big 4

20 X 16 oil

Cronos, Mantas, Abaddon Take Flight

20" x 16", oil

The Studio

August 2013

40 Cute Things

40 separate oil paintings, each 5" x 7"

Little Paintings

9 small paintings, 5"x7" each, oil